• Posted June 13, 2013, by Mary Grabar: Another great review of Exiled was just posted at the Selous Foundation for Public Policy.  The word is getting out, thanks to people like political columnist and editor of Intellectual Conservative, Rachel Alexander.

    She writes at Selous,

    Bias against conservative professors in academia is getting worse, not better. Mary Grabar, a conservative professor of English, has put together a series of essays by conservative and moderate professors who have found themselves shunned and frozen out of academia due to not espousing liberal political views. Each professor – all white males, due to the trend in academia in favor of women and minorities at the expense of men – explains the horrific experiences they have undergone simply trying to make a living in this field. Most of them have been shut out of well-paying full-time work at 4-year institutions, instead relegated to “perpetual adjunct status, teaching twice as many classes as the average course load, for wages that work out to be less than minimum wage.” They are willing to speak up in her book because they have “nothing to lose except such poorly paying temporary employment.”

    Dissident Prof came across some interesting news about Intellectual Conservative, which published her articles several years ago.  From the website,

    IC as badly hacked from June 2011 - May 2012 by some political enemies of Rachel's former boss, and we are still in the process of rebuilding it from scratch with new software. It was destroyed so badly Google banned it. We hope to have a lot of the site rebuilt soon, including our Humor page, IC Classics, and archives for our writers. Unfortunately, none of the law enforcement agencies we reported it to would investigate the hacking to find the perpetrators, they told us IC is too small fry and one high-level law enforcement officer even admitted the politicians are too powerful to take on...

    And Dissident Prof learns that the New English Review is down too, apparently because of hackers. Troubled times, and the IRS told Dissident Prof 94 days ago that she would be hearing in 90 days about her application for non-profit status.  The check for the $850 filing fee, however, was cashed long ago.  Gee, there was no backlog on that!

    95% of IRS lawyers who made contributions to the 2012 election made it to one presidential candidate, but we won't mention which party because Dissident Prof is non-partisan, dedicated to resisting the re-education of America, even by Republicans who push Common Core Sovietized education.

  • Marxism is an all-purpose theory, applied in all humanities departments and now even in the sciences and math.


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