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Dissident Colleagues: Posts by fellow professors and teachers about the latest craziness on their and other campuses, and about their respective fields of study.

Dissident Students: Posts by students about their campuses or topics they’re studying. The few, the brave, the really smart.

Bad Guys: From A to Z (Bill Ayers to Howard Zinn), the commies, the beatniks, the terrorists, the smelly, long-haired no-good bums who infiltrated education.

Good Guys: The brave everyday heroes inside and outside the classroom, putting up the resistance to brainwashing.

Propaganda: Curricula, textbooks, experiential learning, teacher rants, “social and emotional learning,” community service, group learning, and all forms of Maoist brainwashing on campuses across the land.

Common Core: Obama's plan to dumb down America so no child feels left out of the "gifted" category (and to profit big crony corporations).

Contraries Newsletter: The Dissident Prof's roundup of news about education and how it affects YOU!

Dissident News: News about Dissident Prof (IRS harassment, IRS lawsuit, help wanted).

Dissident Events: Events in which Dissident Prof participates: talks, conferences, debates, and hearings .

Extra Credit: Means we don’t have a category for it.



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