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"Planned parenthood supporters" by S. MiRK - Flickr: planned parenthood supporters. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via CommonsPosted October 2, 2015, by Mary Grabar: As reported last week, Planned Parenthood’s lobbying efforts against the vote to deny them federal funds was assisted by Hamilton College, which hosted “performance artist” Rhodessa Jones, along with about a dozen representatives from the local Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson, to give students a Planned Parenthood-positive message.

The college continued the push by participating in the nationwide “Pink Out” day on September 29.  In a campus-wide email Hamilton students were asked to “show appreciation for Planned Parenthood by wearing pink.”  They were invited to stop by a booth to have their pictures taken holding messages of support. These are posted on Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson’s Facebook page here.  The event was organized by the Womyn’s Center at the Days-Massolo Center, whose official advisor is women’s studies professor Vivyan Adair.

Calling Planned ParenthoodPosted October 9, 2015, by Mary Grabar: (Part 1 of the series is here; part 2 here.) Alas, my requests for more information from Planned Parenthood regarding how such activities as the one I observed on September 17, 2015, at Hamilton College, as well as their national "Pink Out" Day on September 29, fit into their own or educational institutions' missions, were ignored by Beth LeGere, Director of Public Affairs, Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson, for a long time.  She finally responded to my two email messages, a telephone message, and a cell phone message with a refusal to speak to me.  As I reported last week, she demanded a retraction to a statement that was not directly attributed to her.  She admitted to encouraging students to vote, but denied encouraging them to vote for pro-choice candidates.  One of my questions to her in my email concerned how encouraging students to vote was part of the mission of an organization that is purportedly for "women's health." Certainly, a lecture about voting, its history, patterns, and historical origins would be an appropriate topic for a college campus event, especially one that requires student attendance by the professor as the September 17 Hamilton College event did (as I've recently learned). 

"Euripides Pio-Clementino Inv302" by Marie-Lan Nguyen (2006).Posted September 22, 2015, by Mary Grabar: After the series of undercover films by the Center for Medical Progress showing high-ranking Planned Parenthood executives negotiating the sale of fetal body parts, the House had no trouble passing a bill freezing funding for Planned Parenthood for a year.  This was in spite of efforts on college campuses by performance artist Rhodessa Jones, sympathetic professors, and, at Hamilton College, about a dozen representatives from the Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson.

GSU College of Educationby Mary Grabar.  On February 4, 2012, I attended a “Teach-In on Tucson,” at Georgia State University College of Education, which was advertised as being free and open to the public.   Dean Randy Kamphaus welcomed 170 participants.  According to the College of Education’s website, the purpose of the Teach-In was to “facilitate discussion of curriculum and censorship.”  But the discussion focused specifically on lobbying against legislation in the Georgia General Assembly.  The event was attended by professors, teachers, students, and professional activists.

The Teach-In was devoted to discussing ways to undermine Arizona’s recent legislation (HB 2281) prohibiting the use of curricular materials that “promote the overthrow of the United States government” or “promote resentment toward a race or class of people.”  The participants at GSU presented this law as dangerous censorship and discrimination.

not just a river in EgyptPosted by Mary Grabar, March 12, 2013: Discrimination?  What Discrimination?  That's the point that sociologist Neil Gross makes (again, and again), now in his latest posting in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

But what do we make of people who do not believe in such a thing as truth?  Philosophy professor Jack Kerwick so aptly summarizes the dominant view of academe in his latest Front Page Magazine article, "Inside the Iron Tower: The Life of Conservatives in Academia."

Dissident Prof can testify from her required readings in her early graduate school days that professor Kerwick summarizes the dominant view aptly:

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