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Lee University Humanities CenterPosted September 20, 2013, by Mary Grabar: Especially to all my Tennessee and North Georgia friends, please come out for an interesting discussion hosted by the Lee Student Republicans at Lee University.

At Lee University, a "Christ-centered" university in Cleveland, Tennessee.  The article today in The Chattanoogan:

Mary Grabar to Speak on Bill Ayers and the Attack on the American Character

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, Lee University will welcome Dr. Mary Grabar for a lecture entitled, “Bill Ayers, the Weather Underground, and the Attack on the American Character.” Lee Student Republicans will host the event, scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. in the Johnson Lecture Hall of Lee’s Humanities Center.

Grabar will be discussing the changes in the American character that she has observed over 20 years of teaching college English and writing about education and the influence of Bill Ayers, co-founder of the 1960s Weathermen domestic terrorist group.

“Dr. Grabar’s publishing expertise on academic politics is well established,” said Dr. Christopher Coulter, associate professor of English at Lee. “She has a passion for exposing the secret agendas of academics like Bill Ayers while defending American values.”

Grabar has published books, including, “‘A New Beginning’ or a Revised Past? President Barack Obama’s Cairo Speech,” “Exiled: Stories from Conservative and Moderate Professors Who Have Been Ridiculed, Ostracized, Marginalized, Demonized, and Frozen Out,” and “Bill Ayers: Teaching Revolution.”

In 2011, Grabar founded the Dissident Prof Education Project, Inc., dedicated to “resisting the re-education of America” (, where she blogs and publishes articles by fellow dissident professors and students.

She writes frequently for such publications as Townhall, PJ Media, FrontPage Magazine, the Weekly Standard, and Minding the Campus, and speaks at forums across the country.

Grabar earned her PhD in English in 2002 from the University of Georgia and has taught in several Georgia colleges and universities, most recently, Emory University.

Admission is free and the event is open to the public.  For more information, please contact Coulter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 614-8220.

Just as Bill Ayers's sequel to Fugitive Days is about to be released. This is from Bill Ayers's blog:


[The title of the new book, but the publisher must have forgotten to put in the "Anti" before American.]

"Ayers is a dedicated teacher, father, and social justice advocate, and his “shady past” is actually the story of an ardent antiwar activist."

Wanted: Angela DavisAnd the plug from Angela Davis, fellow Weatherman terrorist-turned-professor:

“With incisive humor, Bill Ayers’s captivating memoir reveals that behind the fearsome ‘public enemy’ lies a deeply dedicated parent, compassionate teacher, and principled revolutionary activist, representing this country’s best hopes for a democratic future.” —Angela Davis, author of Women, Race, and Class [and communist and arms supplier to Black Panthers]

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