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Posted April 12, 2013, by Mary Grabar: Videos of the Panel, April 1, 2013, "Intellectual Bias: Do Colleges Discriminate against Conservatives?" Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia,
with colleagues, Tim Furnish and Mel Fein, and KSU students from Kennesaw Libertarians

You can watch the rest here:

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Then check out this blog post by Barbara Donnelly Lane in the Marietta Daily Journal.  Dissident Prof appreciates that she came to the event.  As I posted in my comment, I began a poetic analysis of Tupac Shakur's lyrics--meter, rhyme, diction...but then realized I could not quote his words in a family newspaper.  The young man she mentions apparently is a graduate student studying International Conflict Management at Kennesaw.  He has a certificate in Peacebuilding and Human Rights. 

Dissident Prof gives extra credit to the KSU students who participated on the panel!  We need more allies like them to speak out about how close-minded many liberal professors are.  A+ guys! 

All in all a great night, with almost 100 attending.  Thank you, Professor Fein, for setting this up.

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