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Who’s lying now? By Mary Grabar—When I posted about my testimony at the Georgia Capitol regarding Georgia State education professors using the university facilities to share strategies for lobbying and swaying students’ opinions regarding illegal immigration, I noted that someone from the illegal lobby shouted out that I was lying.

She said she was there. Well here’s a segment of the video taken by a Georgia State employee of the Teach-In on February 4. You will hear references to HB 87 and HB 59, older versions of bills targeting illegal aliens. The ultimate bill, SB 458, died on the last days of this legislative session. In this video you will hear about how some Republican legislators are sympathetic to testimony. How much of the opposition to SB 458 was inspired by education professors like Jennifer Esposito who in the video “pledges” to encourage the students in her “Race, Class and Gender in Education” class to examine bills like Georgia’s HB 87 and Arizona’s laws in their policy projects? How many students brought in the “hand written letters” opposing SB 458 or other bills in exchange for the “extra points” Esposito promised? I maintain my point that this is bribery—grades in exchange for lobbying legislators.



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