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Testimony of Mary Grabar before the Judiciary Non-Civil Committee, March 19, 2012 (posted April 12, 2012).  Thanks to the magic of The Biz Wizard, I have the portion of my testimony now; it’s only about eight minutes long including the questions and aswers. 

You will hear Chairman Rich Golick reprimand someone in the audience.  What that woman, seated with the illegal alien contingent, had shouted out was that I was lying, that she had been at the February 4 Teach-In that I was testifying about.  You can then go to my other post and see Georgia State University Associate Professor of Education Jennifer Esposito pledge to incorporate discussions regarding bills related to immigration in her students’ policy projects.  Listen to her pledge to give “extra points” for the hand-written letters about such legislation, specifically against those bills that restrict illegal immigration.
The Georgia Board of Regents Policy Manual regarding “General Policies for all Personnel” prohibits employees from engaging in “improper political activities as defined in law and Board of Regents Policy.”  The Policy Manual lists as among the “grounds for removal” of both tenured and non-tenured faculty members,
“Professional incompetency, neglect of duty, or default of academic integrity in teaching, in research, or in scholarship.”
I would think that a promise of a better grade in exchange for political activities favored by the professor would fall under those categories.
Golick promised to “explore” these “serious” infractions further.  Let’s see what happens. 

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